Yoga Classes


Phoebe Fullbrook

Having practised yoga extensively for over 10 years and qualified to teach many styles, I endeavour to share my wide-ranging knowledge through a clear, kind and authentic voice. I undertook my initial teacher training in London under the guidance of Jessica Stewart and currently teach Hatha, Vinyasa, Power, Restorative and Hot yoga.


Weaving in spiritual, historical and energetic ideas, I offer an encouraging and supportive environment in which to explore the mind/body/breath connection. You can expect a safe space to really nourish your body and calm the mind.


Lenka Powell

Born in Slovakia, Lenka relocated to the UK 10 years ago. As a Bedford based teacher, she is passionate about sharing her love for yoga with others. Having always been a junkie for fitness & dancing, she found yoga 12 years ago. As soon as she stepped on the yoga mat for the first time, she found the healing power of this body and mind practice irresistible.


Lenka is currently working in the London Advertising Industry and has seen the benefits of her yoga practice on her incredibly stressful and fast paced lifestyle. This led her to pursue teaching and thus be able to share this wonderful practice with others.


Lenka was certified as a yoga teacher in the birth place of yoga - Rishikesh, India. Here, she focused on Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga. Lenka is also a certified Pregnancy yoga teacher.  She engages deeply with her students, and her classes are very energetic and thoughtfully sequenced with many creative transitions. She creates a safe space to have fun and explore, work hard, but yet find softness.


She is excited and honoured by the opportunity to spread her love of yoga in Bedford and is hugely grateful for all her students.


Steph Hammond

Steph started her own Pilates journey more than 20 years ago after a serious fall in her teens left her with a back injury and severe pain. With the aid of Pilates, Steph managed to get back on her feet and since then has been an advocate on how amazing Pilates is for improving health and aiding rehabilitation.

Steph was already an established Fitness instructor, but her thirst for knowledge enabled her to study Pilates in depth. After completing her initial mat training with STOTT® PILATES, she has since gone on to take a range of courses and workshops (both in classical and contemporary approaches) with key brands and popular UK Pilates Teacher Trainers and has recently completed her Reformer teacher training as well as a Post Graduate Pilates Certificate in Integrating the Pilates Method for Long Term Medical Conditions.

Steph has always had a passion for anatomy and physiology and how the body functions, which has enabled her to find a balance between, both manual and physical therapy, to help her clients achieve their goals.


Her true aim is to help clients reach their goals by “educating their mind to understand their body”.

Steph not only brings her knowledge and personal experience to her teaching but also her amazing energy, eagle eyes and good old Geordie humour.


Cerian Hopkins

I found Yoga over 12 years ago through a chance encounter with another yoga teacher, who has been a mentor to me to this day. I furthered my practice through regular classes, workshops and retreats. I was introduced to Hot Yoga 4 years ago and fell in love instantly. I love the heat, the calorie burning workout and the exhilarating feeling following an hour in the 40-degree heat.


I decided the next step of my Yoga journey to share this love would be to teach. At the beginning of 2019 I embarked on the accredited Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Course and qualified that summer.

Gabriela Kilby

Gabriela is from Ecuador, South America and was working as a Spanish teacher in a local upper school when she discovered yoga 10 years ago through an injury. She was recommended to do yoga, from that day she feel in love with yoga.


Gabriela is a qualified yoga instructor following an intensive 200 hour yoga course at Zen yoga with an ex monk, and also holds a mindfulness course.


Zen yoga particularly emphasise three intertwined areas physical alignment, flow of energy in the body and awareness or mindfulness.



Jamie attended his first yoga class in the early 2000’s. Initially drawn to the physical benefits of Yoga he used his practice to bring strength, focus and flexibility to his work as an Actor and Musical performer. As his practice deepened he realised the benefits stretched much further than just physical well being and decided to take his teacher training in 2019.


Jamie’s background in dance infuses a passion for linking breath and movement and exploring the creativity that Vinyasa and flow can bring to traditional Hatha poses.


Sunny Mahil

Sunny first came to yoga many years ago as a teenager as a physical practice and when she realised the mental benefits it became a constant thread in her life. Sunny now describes yoga as her sacred and foundational practice on which all her other exercise sits. She knows that yoga makes you strong, and learn about your body, your mind and ultimately yourself.

She completed her teacher training in Costa Rica to learn more about yoga and see how she could share this gift with people. Since then she has been teaching throughout London and continuing her own practice. She is of the philosophy to be a forever student. Since then she has also done her pregnancy yoga teacher training, and numerous courses and retreats. She loves Vinyasa, Ashtanga Hatha and Yin – buts she would say that her own practice style follows where she is in her journey of life.

Sunny’s character is super active and full on!


Nikki Gallagher

Co owner of That Yoga Place, I’m passionate about health and wellbeing. I’m a qualified reflexologist and Mum to three children. I love keeping fit and especially running. After developing a running injury in 2015 the Osteopath who was treating me recommended I try Hot Yoga classes to help stretch and improve my flexibility. I was hooked on my first class, I absolutely loved Hot Yoga. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the heat and how relaxed it made me feel. It helped me feel more flexible and the sense of wellbeing I felt after class was great. In September 2018 my daily routine moved to Bedford and my regular Hot Yoga class fell by the wayside. A chance conversation with my friend Arlene about how I missed Hot Yoga and wished there was a hot studio in Bedford led to the idea of That Yoga Place and the start of our journey to opening Bedford’s first Hot Yoga Studio. I really hope in opening That Yoga Place we can offer you a studio with Hot and ambient yoga classes of all different types. For everyone whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced Yogi. I look forward to welcoming you to That Yoga Place and hope it offers you a place to enjoy Yoga.