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That Yoga Place is Bedford’s premier Hot Yoga Studio. We offer a wide range of hot and ambient Yoga classes, along with a wide range of wellness workshops, including mindfulness and meditation classes.

We would love you to visit our brand new studio, based in the heart of Bedford town centre.

When you visit That Yoga Place we hope you will feel our enthusiasm for Yoga and wellbeing. The minute you walk through the door we want you to feel relaxed and ready to enjoy your class.

At That Yoga Place we specialise in Hot Yoga classes, but if the heat isn’t for you we offer a wide range of classes in our Ambient Studio.

There will also be numerous wellbeing workshops, including mindfulness and meditation courses.

That Yoga Place

We welcome all levels of yoga ability, from absolute beginners to advanced students.

We have qualified instructors who love yoga, are committed to sharing their knowledge and ensuring everyone enjoys their, That Yoga Place experience.

Our yoga practice will help you live a more fulfilling life.

We are passionate about yoga, it's health benefits and how it can improve your physical and mental health.

Our studio is a relaxing space to come and practice yoga with people.

Hot Yoga Studio

Hot Yoga is yoga in a heated studio. The room is heated to 40°C. Hot Yoga offers all the benefits of yoga stress reduction, improved strength, and flexibility. The heated room offers added benefit of a more intense workout for the heart, lungs, and muscles. The heat means muscles are more flexible. And although challenging the hot environment can make the yoga poses more effective.

Turning up the heat can also mean one burns more calories than in an ambient temperature class.

As yoga is a weight bearing exercise, it’s great for improving bone density, especially important for peri menopausal women.

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Ambient Studio

The ambient studio is at average room temperature. If you’re new to yoga, and the heat’s not for you, the ambient studio is an excellent environment to practice your yoga.

Our studio has small class sizes - just how it’s meant to be! This helps us look out for you! Practising with good form and in a way that will prevent you from becoming injured helps you get the best out of your class.

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